Es tech is a shop I made for me to use to brand a name reach out, and to find awesome product for awesome people. I wish I could say I have bought everything here and have tested it. I have not, though I do want to sell the best items at right prices for everyone. I ask if you where to buy something your not happy with, that you would reach out to me before leaving a review. ARE GOAL is for you to be happy and would love to see people revisit. This is a start.  I just want to thank people for there time and visiting today.

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    Process time 1-6 Days

    Shipping time 1-7 Days

    Items may vary in time of delivery, New items will ship from U.S warehouses. Used items will be shipped by ES Tech Shop.

  • New Items

    Refunds are offerd on new items. We strive to make people happy, and keep sells going. Reach out with any concerns or questions.

  • Used Items

    Refunds will be offerd on used items. UNLESS labled bad, as is, or parts. Items may show wear and tear, and could have blemeshes. Items will have detailed descriptions to explain any flaws.

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